Deepika Chaudhry

Deepika Chaudhry


Executive Director Legal – APAC

Deepika Chaudhry is the Executive Director Legal – APAC,  responsible for overall regulatory, secretarial and legal function and strategy for Xerox APAC (Australia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong,   Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand  Philippines and  Singapore). Deepika as an advisor to the board and   part of  Xerox’s leadership team is viewed as a respected and strong leader.

In her career span, Deepika held senior leadership and  GC positions with  companies like  British Oxygen, Aricent, Max New York Life Insurance and Microsoft.

She has been a chairperson or a member of various committees dealing with issues ranging from management steering groups & committees to sexual harassment and compliance  etc. during her various assignments.

Deepika is a change agent who has over the years acquired a reputation of finding out of box business friendly solutions in the most cost effective and compliant way. Business sees her as a strategic advisor  responsible for implementing sound legal strategy capable of delivering business growth and meeting long term business objectives.


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June 19, 2015