Women on Boards Mentorship Program

We are committed to build and support a pipeline of women leaders to reach decision making levels in corporates, business & public leadership.

The Women on Boards India mentorship program has been in place since 2013. Women on Boards India has engaged more than 60 highly experienced women who are already serving on various Boards & leadership roles who will guide and support mentees across all career levels to develop a thoughtful approach to planning and achieving their goals. They are all well known to Women on Boards India and BD Foundation, support our work and have a strong desire to share their knowledge, skills and experience to enable others to realize their career potential in leadership and director roles. 

Women on Boards Structured mentorship program consist of 4 sessions (one-hour face-to-face, phone or skype sessions with your assigned CXO mentor). In addition, you would also be getting one session with Career coach who will guide you for getting CV Board Ready.


Successful applicants who are accepted to participate in this program will be expected to make a full commitment to the following:

  • Complete a baseline survey which goes into more detail about your professional experience, organizational and individual professional goals, your work-related skills, mentorship experience, and community engagement.
  • Submit regular updates to BD Foundation team for the duration of the program, including completion of mentoring sessions, learning webinars and program evaluations.
  • Engage in periodic digital communications and public relations efforts with BD Foundation to showcase your involvement in this program and help support the socialization of BD Foundation’s social mission.
  • Remain in contact with BD Foundation after participation in the program in order to share success stories, etc.
  • Agree to work with BD Foundation to track the growth of your career for up to 3 years through methods such as surveys, phone and/or Skype calls, or additional opportunities. All details shared with us will remain confidential.

Who can apply:

If you are an aspiring director with more than 18 years of experience or have held positions of decision making and led large business, you can apply for WOB Mentorship Program.

Please write to wob@bdfoundation.in along with your detailed resume and statement of purpose for applications.

Disclaimer – The rights to admission to the program and selection of mentee will lie with BD Foundation. The mentor-mentee pairing is done by a experienced program team; keeping in mind the challenges and goals of the mentee and the expertise of the mentor. No request to change the pairing of mentors and mentees will be acceptable.